Pimpernel, Fragrance For Men, Eau de Toilette (100ml).

In the aromatic world of eighteenth century France, Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon, founded his perfumery and established himself as a supplier of fragrance to King Louis XV and his court at Versailles – known as ‘le cour parfumee’. 

Now the oldest perfume house in France, their production process still utilises traditional methods used over 250 years ago, and draws from the surrounding countryside of Provence for many of this fragrance’s natural ingredients.

Crafted by this historic perfume house, Pimpernel fragrance for men will leave a lasting impression of timeless elegance.

A fresh and invigorating eau de toilette, it’s perfect for a nocturnal visit to a lady in waiting at le Petit Trianon, and reminiscent of those lazy Summer afternoons sipping champagne on the lawn while evading hawk-eyed chaperones.

Presented in a beautiful period style glass bottle with atomiser spray, it’s the perfect addition to any dressing table. 

We’re very pleased to say that the bottle, tag, and cardboard box are all 100% recyclable. 

Price: £49.99

AT PRESENT, DUE TO POSTAL RESTRICTIONS ON OVERSEAS SHIPPING OF FRAGRANCE, WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP FRAGRANCE OUTSIDE THE UK. We appologise for this and hope to find a postal solution as quickly as possible.


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