About us

Designers of 18th century inspired fashion
From the lair of highwaymen, rakes and play house actresses, to the palaces and country houses of the most respectable, our clothing and accessories will transport your dreams and aspirations into a world of excitement and luxury.

What we do
Ever think sartorial elegance just isn’t what it used to be? We did, so we set up Pimpernel Clothing to design and create clothing and accessories inspired by the beauty and quality of craftsmanship of period garments. Because, after all, fashions may come and go, but true style never dates. 

Why we do it
Unlike today, during the 18th century all fabrics were made from natural fibres: beautiful silks, sumptuous velvets and immaculate wools. The cut wasn’t necessarily always practical, but  was always elegant and beautiful. Individuality could be expressed through clothes and accessories by an almost limitless variety of different fabrics, a myriad of colours, and a world of different textures. Our aim is to re-introduce the elegance and fun that existed in clothing and accessories 200 years ago. 

How we do it
At Pimpernel we pride ourselves on using only the finest materials in our range of clothing and accessories. We believe this is the only way to create the most stylish, inspirational and highest quality products possible. All our clothing is made from natural fibres and include the finest silk taffetas, rich velvets and corduroys, and soft cottons and linens. All our clothing and accessories are made in England and our fragrance is made in France. 

Designs by Pimpernel and it’s creator Rob Lucas have been seen in various online and printed publications including Vogue Online, GQ Online, Guardian Online, BBC Online, The Huffington Post, and printed editions of OK Magazine, Esquire and Vive Le Rock Magazine. 

Artisan Leather Goods
Our range of leather goods is made by hand in England exclusively for Pimpernel Clothing.  Our craftsman has many years of experience creating luxury leather desk accessories, wallets, purses, handbags and luggage. He has also made many  historically accurate  period pieces of leatherwork for museums, theatre and film. Here at Pimpernel we consider ourselves extremely privileged to be working with him.

The Environment
Where possible, we source the majority of our materials from within the European Union, and, in most cases, the UK. This reduces our carbon footprint by cutting fuel and reducing packaging, and has the added benefit of improving quality control. We also try and use paper and card which is recyclable or from sustainable sources in the majority of our packaging and promotional materials. All our boxes are made from 70-80% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.  With our fragrance packaging, the bottle, tag, cardboard box and cellophane wrap are all 100% recyclable. We are constantly looking for new ways to be more environmentally friendly and reduce our carbon footprint still further.

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